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 Our company has been present on the market since 1995. We have been in a continuous struggle for market success, using new trends in marketing and design to improve our position on the market. Our companies leitmotive is “Caring for quality, keeping abreast of progress in technology, building good business relations”. We are a flexible partner, who reacts on his customer’s needs immediately.

Currently the organization consists of two entities:
PPH ”Darchem” Dariusz Kowalski – a company responsible for distribution of cosmetics and household chemistry and “Darchem Cosmetics Hanna Kowalska” – a company engaged in the production of cosmetics, household and automotive chemicals.

In February 2002, we have purchased new company buildings with very large surfaces for warehouse and manufacturing. which allowed us rapid development and employment increase. In 2011 we have made another purchase of real estate including office buildings and warehouses. Our goal is to continuously develop our company and meet the strict requirements of our customers. It can only be achieved through product development, quality control, qualified staff and constant improvements in all sectors . At the moment we have a rich stock of machinery, equipment handling, and our own vehicle fleet. It allows us to be a reliable partner, who will satisfy all of Your needs.


We want to proposition cooperation whit private label. We are produce cosmetics, organic chemistry , cars products, toilet paper in any label and logo.


We have a lot of
and diplomas.



Ouers products you can buy in lot of european countries fox example German, Hungary, Sloviakia, Lithuania. We provide transport


P.P.H. DARCHEM Dariusz Kowalski
ul. Wybudowanie 1 88-300 Mogilno
tel/fax(52) 315 25 60